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How to use Astrology to get laid more often!

Let me pay my way for the ad. Here is some information you can use to your advantage. Believe it or not, Venus and Mars really do affect men and women as they form aspects to the planets at your birth. The resurgent interest in Venus and Mars over the past few years is based on something that is true. Just think of the words we have attached to them, venusian, venerial, marred, martian, etc. I'm telling you this as one guy to another, just listen to what I have to say for a second!

The good news for those out there who want to get laid more often is that you can use the times that these planets form aspects to almost a sure-fire advantage. At these times, your sexual attractiveness increases substantially. Someone new who finds you physically attractive, or a previous lover, can come into your life at these times. If you are in a monogamous relationship, then you will definitely have better sex than normal. This is the usual pattern you will find when studying these two planets when they form aspects. Alternatively, you can use it to check out the aspects of a someone you are planning on dating, and ask them out when their hormones are on a route march.

Mars conjuncts Venus about every 2 years and this is the planet of passion meeting the planet of love. The other aspects that work just as well are the "Trine" (120 degrees) and the "Sextile" (60 degrees). It also works the other way around, when Venus forms these same aspects with your birth Mars position.

In other words, there are approximately 12 Venus/Mars aspects you can use every 2 years, and these are dates when, seriously, the cosmos seems to just line you up with someone sexy who has similar ideas on that date. I don't know why these things work, but I do know that they do work. The best part is that contacts you have at these times are of the most satisfying kind, not the kind where you think it will all go well, and then something crops up to mess everything up.

Mars rules men, their energy and passions, and Venus rules women, beauty and love, (as you probably already know) and when the two form aspects, well, the whole thing just comes together. "Physical Love" is the shortest way to describe these aspects.

The other one to watch out for is when Venus aspects Uranus. This is when all the really wild, exciting stuff can really go off. Over 50 percent of the porn stars seem to have Venus in some close aspect to Uranus. Let's just call this the type of situation that can be very unusual, but does not necessarily ensure physical contact.

So, how do you find out when your dates are? Simple. You can run a report that shows you when Venus and Mars form aspects. Run it using your birth-date and look through the report for the following aspects:-


Or for the wilder, more kinky side look for any of the following


That's all you have to do, other than to get social on these dates. Please believe me, this is no bull. If this is all new to you, then just give it a chance. It is also just nice to know when these dates are when asking someone out or when choosing the dates for a steamy weekend. Also, on those days, your sex drive is at its peak, and your performance levels are far greater than normal.





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