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DECEMBER 21, 2012.

The Mayan civilization used a fairly complex calendar system made up of three concurrent methods of tracking time. These methods were empolyed so that they could be aware of solar and religious cycles important to their culture.

The "long count" was their method of tracking the longest cycles. Unlike our decimal, multiple-of-ten method of counting, it only used 5 multiples. (20, 17, 19, 19 and 12)

It was a limited calendar that could only count 1 872 000 days in one cycle. Archaeologists have found carved monuments that recorded the long count for several known dates in Mayan history. Therefore, when we know the date of any of their recorded events, we can easily find out when "day one" was (August 11, 3114BC), and when the last counted day will be (December 12, 2012).

There are dozens of theories relating to the importance of this "final" date. There are theories ranging from evidence of correlating solar flare activity cycles, changes in the barycenter (center of gravity between the earth and the sun) through to a rare astronomical alignment on the exact date. The ecliptic of our solar system will intersect with the Galactic plane, called the "Galactic Equator" of the Milky Way on December 12, 2012. In addition, at incredible odds of coincidence, not only will we be intersecting with the Galactic Equator, but we will be doing this precisely aligned with the center of the galaxy where there is maximum mass- the barycenter. The increased gravitational effect will create exponential increases in solar disruptions during that time that gives more weight to the theory of the significance of solar flare cycles. For interest, the next reversal of the earth's magnetic poles, which occurs every 11 years, also coincides with this period.

The Mayans were a fairly advanced civilization, but no more than we are today when it comes to measuring temporal and solar cycles. There is probably no more importance to this date than the year 2000 was to us. Although computer disk-space was an important factor to take into account when the first few generations of computers were developed, few felt the urgent need to design the basic computer "year" storage field large enough to hold the century as well. As a result, the Y2K issue later became a big problem for many in the business and scientific world. Other than that, the year 2000 held no particular significance for us. In the same way for the Mayans, the date December 12, 2012 was probably a cut-off date that would come under focus at a later stage.

Physicists at several research institutions, including New York University, have discovered evidence for very high energy gamma rays emitting from the Milky Way, marking the highest energies ever detected from the galactic equator. Their findings, published in the Dec. 16 issue of the Physical Review of Letters, were obtained using the Milagro Gamma Ray Observatory, a new detector located near Los Alamos, N.M., that allows monitoring of the northern sky on a 24-hour, 7-day-per-week basis.

The researchers, which included nearly 40 physicists, reported that Milagro, positioned at an altitude of 8600 feet in the Jemez Mountains, detected a signal along the galactic equator region and interpreted it as arising from gamma rays with a median energy of 3.5 trillion electron-volts, or 3500 times the mass-energy of a proton. Previous satellite experiments have seen gamma-ray emissions along the galactic equator reaching up to energies of only 30 billion electron-volts.

These emissions are produced by interactions of cosmic-ray particles with the abundant interstellar medium near the galactic equator. Previously, some researchers had speculated that additional mechanisms were needed to explain the large number of particles observed at high energies. However, the measurements by Milagro can be understood by assuming a cosmic ray energy spectrum near the galactic center similar to that in the solar system and the standard properties of particle interactions.

Astrologers have an additional perspective on the dates of world-changing events. For example, try "Horoscope for the New Millennium" by Alan Meece for an astoundingly accurate study of the cyclic and planetary-based nature of global affairs. Whether you believe it or not, events and almost every possible type of cycle that can be studied have their basis in the movements of the planets. Culture after culture, generation after generation, man has attempted to accurately track these cycles, primarily for the benefit of anticipating and preparing us for periods of future influences and events. There simply cannot be massive change in the psyche of the collective human experience without there being a correlation in the energies of the planets and cosmos as they interact at the time.

The date December 12, 2012 presents an astrological chart that indicates that nothing of significance will happen to planet earth on that day. The Yod involving Pluto and Saturn to Jupiter seems to indicate the dilemma (and uncertainty) facing the collective consciousnous around that time.

Astrology Chart for the 'End of the World', 12 December 2021

Shown above is the chart for December 21, 2012. As you can see, there is not much going on.
Such a disasterous and global event can not occur without the existence of major malefic aspects.

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