How much does it cost to list a rental?

There is no cost to the landlord.

How do I get notified if there is a bid for my listing?

You are emailed automatically as soon as an agent submits a bid.

At what stage will the identity of the bidding agent be revealed to the landlord?

The landlord will be informed immediately .

How long does it take for you to approve me as an Agent so I can start bidding?

We will review your application within three working day of you signing up and notify you whether you have been accepted as a member within five working days.

What happens if two agents make an identical bid?

Because of the bidding process, the landlord is likely to accept the best offer that suits him.

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Real Estate Wars was established in 2014 by professionals intent on adding value to the property market environment in South Africa.

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Renting out properties in South Africa is a very serious business. Real Estate Wars was founded to bridge the gap between landlords and tenants by introducing a level of professionalism that benefits all.

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