Lucky Days


Lucky Days Astrology software for gambling


Free Astrology Software Reports.

The unique, patented "Lucky Days" software can be used for Lotteries, Lotto 649, Powerball, the Casino, Online Gambling, Horse-Racing and even the Stock Markets.

Whatever area of speculation you are interested in, this software can seriously increase your chances of success. It tells you when the best days are for you to gamble, invest, take an examination, vacation or plan for many of the important things you do in your life.

Run your free Lucky Day or transit report and look for the unique "Beak" shape in your daily planetary transits. This shape occurs when good transit aspects (using a one-degree orb) "spill over" a final bad transit aspect. You can easily validate the software by using it to check back on dates of fortunate events in your past.

The "Beak" shape is rapidly gaining the confidence of thousands of investors, speculators and gamblers around the world. has several links from investment banks from Russia through the US to Mexico and has been featured in the discussions of some large radio talk shows in Canada and on BBC television.






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