The 13 Worst Mistakes A Man Can Make When Dating

On The First Dates:

1. Never say the words 'I love you'.

2. Don’t stare at other women.

3. Don’t talk about yourself too much.

4. Don’t drink too much.

5. Don’t get physical.

6. Don’t answer your cell phone.

7. Don’t be late.

8. Don’t tell lies.

9. Don’t complain.

10. Don’t over-compliment her or try and be too much of a 'nice guy'.

As the Relationship Progresses:

11. Don't be a wussy and display no backbone.

12. Don't 'suck up' by trying to buy her attention and approval.

13. Don't be boring: be humorous and conversational - be original, interesting and have interests.



The Worst 13 Mistakes A Woman Can Make When Dating


When Looking for a Partner:

1. Don't be seen on too many unproductive dates with your girlfriends in the hope of meeting guys.

2. Don't drink too much or display crude manners or language.

3. Don't forget your body language, lean forward too much or with your elbows or legs too far apart.

4. Don't act immature and giddy-headed when having fun.

5. Don't behave in a desperate manner or overdo ways to get the attention of guys.

6. Don't pout or display a combination of aloofness and vanity.

7. Don't not let the guy talk enough.

8. Don't 'overshare' on the early dates, remove the mystery and reveal too much about yourself.

9. Don't babble on about your life, thinking a guy will always like you if he just gets to know you.

10. Don't get 'caught' too easily and take away the excitement of the chase.

As the Relationship Progresses:

11. Don't flirt with other guys.

12. Don't get too clingy, possessive or act jealously, making him feel trapped and tied down.

13. Don't tactlessly complain about the current state of the relationship or the things he is doing wrong.



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