How it Works
Planets aspecting those in other people's birthcharts are one of the main reasons why we
find that we instantly like some people and find others less appealing. It does not end here.

The more good aspects we share with another person, the greater the bonds that are formed.
While the so-called 'bad' aspects can initially make another person seem more interesting, over time these will enhance the relationship less and often end up as a source of irritation.

The interaction of aspects between people's birth charts is known as synastry. It indicates
the general nature of all our relationships with others and is a highly reliable method of
determining who we should enter long relationships with and who we should not.

Since it forms a foundation-stone of a relationship, it can be as complicated as the
relationship itself. One can experience feelings of attraction in one sense yet find other
areas rather unattractive. For instance, one can feel very much in love with someone else
on an intellectual and emotional level, yet find them completely physically unattractive.

If you are new to this, start off by just following the first three rows of the graphs, the Love,
Physical and Intellectual compatibilities. These are generally the most important ones
in a relationship as they form the basis of their everyday interaction with one other.

Please note that this is just a simple tool that attempts to describe an extremely complex
area of our lives. Aspects to the MC, ascendant and Moon's nodes are not taken into account.
As a result, it is only a basic indication of the general compatibility between two people.
Even if you put in your birth times and longitudes you'll find that the compatibility using more accurate Moon positions in particular does not vary that much but, you can check it below.


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