Progressed planet influences work on a 'day for a year' basis from the day of your birth.

This is because a planet forming an aspect to your birth chart during the early days of your life
influences you in the same manner when you are the same number of years old.

For example, if the planet Venus forms a conjunction with your Sun when you are 30 days old,
you can expect the same beneficial influence when you are 30 years old.

The influence of a progressed planet aspect can be felt for up to a year before the exact date,
and then fading away for the year after the date. A generally accepted orb of 1 degree is used.

The closer the aspect is to 'exact' the stronger the influence, especially during the months
when this aspect is approaching.

Nobody really knows why they work, but they work well and with uncanny accuracy.

Extra-ordinary events can often occur when a progressed aspect is near its peak.

Progressions can therefore be used as a reliable method of prediction.

When your progressed planets form aspects to planets in another person's birth chart the
influences are much the same for both of you as when they form aspects to your own chart.


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