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How it Works

The way planets in our birth charts aspect those of other people is a good way to determine how compatible we are in our relationships with them.

This concept is known in astrology as synastry. It is a very reliable method of determining compatibility. The free StarLove software uses the birth charts to calculate our basic compatibility with others, as well as what is known as the 'progressed' charts to see how currently compatible we are.



Birth Chart (Basic) Compatibility

1. Type of Compatibility
2. Easy aspects (good)
3. Challenging aspects (bad)
4. Love Attraction
5. Physical Attraction
6. Intellectual Compatibility
7. Excitement
8. Common Interests
9. Sports Interests
10. Artistic Appreciation
11. Spirituality
12. Financial Assistance
13. Career Assistance
14. The left graph shows the Natal (basic) compatibility
15. Birth Date
16. Birth Time
17. Accuracy of Birth Time
18. Longitude of Birth City
19. Longitude of Current Residence
20. Add a New Person
21. Save the Birth Details
22. Delete this Person
23. Copy this Person to the second list
24. Copy this Person to the first list
25. Select the Current Longitude from the Map
26. Select the Birth Longitude from the Map
27. Daylight Saving
28. The Birth Chart Compatibility Rating



Reading the Compatibility Graphs

The graph on theleft uses the birth charts to calculate basic compatibility between the two people.

The graph on the right shows the progressed aspects that are currently affecting BOTH partners. This is often even more important than birth chart compatibility since it reflects the nature of our current relationship situation with the other person. You might not be particularly compatible with someone at a deep personal (birth chart) level, but could well be currently very compatible with them for a number of years on a more superficial progressed chart level.

Most software programs that you will come across that attempt to determine compatibility do not even look at the progressed charts. You will appreciate how limited this approach is. For example, you might have had a lover or a friend many years ago that you no longer get on with at all.

Generally speaking, planets 60 and 120 degrees apart (sextiles and trines) as well as many of the conjunctions (0 degrees) help to build-up and enhance relationships. The effects of conjunctions vary with the planets involved.

For example, someone's Venus conjunct your natal Sun is very good, whilst Saturn conjunct Sun is often difficult.

The 'bad' aspects are the squares and oppositions, as well as the difficult conjunctions.

The closeness of the aspects to these angles of 0, 60, 90, 120 (etc) degrees is known as the orb.

The program currently uses a simplistic orb of up to 5 degrees off exact. This will be refined in the future.

Our birth charts continue to move (progress) as we age, bringing new influences that affect relationships.

These current influences are shown on the right in the combined 'Natal-to-Progressed' and 'Progressed-to-Natal' graph.

These reflect the compatibility between the aspects calculated using the 'progressed' (day-for-a-year) birth charts.

These progressed aspects affect both partners simultaneously and should be viewed as one complex effect of the current situation.



How Progressed Planets Affect Our Relationships

Progressed planet influences work on a 'day for a year' basis from the day of your birth.

A planet forming an aspect to your birth chart during the early days of your life influences you in the same manner when you are the same number of years old. Nobody really knows why this is, but it works very well and can be used to make predictions.

For example, if the planet Venus forms a conjunction with your natal Jupiter position when you are 20 days old, you can expect the same beneficial influence when you are 20 years old.

The closer the aspect is to 'exact' the stronger the influence, especially during the months or years when it is still approaching the exact aspect degree.

An orb of one degree is generally used when calculating progressed aspects. This software however treats the progressed birth chart like an actual birth chart and evaluates compatibility accordingly.

Progressions work well and usually indicate times when important and memorable events occur in our lives.

When your progressed planets form aspects to planets in another person's birth chart the influences are much the same for both of you as when they form aspects to your own chart.


The 'Love Days' Calendar

The Love Days calendar shows those days where Mercury, Venus and Mars are either forming good aspects to the other planets in your birth chart or are well-aspected by those planets.

Light Blue blocks involve Mercury, which enhances communications, conversations, meetings and short trips.

The Pink blocks involve Venus, which brings love, money, pleasure, beauty and harmony to our lives.

The Red blocks specifically involve Venus and Mars, which increases our energy and passion levels.

Violet blocks indicate days where Venus is in aspect to Uranus and can bring excitement and surprizes.

Display preference is given to the above planets in the following order: Mars, Uranus, Venus and Mercury.

Where there are more than one planet aspected on a day the other aspects are shown as smaller blocks but are still equally important.

You should look for good days to do common activities by checking the calendar for each person and trying to find days where both persons are well aspected.

To view all the major transits for each person click on the 'Transits' buttons.




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