Using Astrology to help find the Cure for Aids



A basic rule of Astrology is that you can often find the cure for a disease (or the antithesis of anything for that matter) if you look at the things ruled by the sign opposite the ruler of the disease.

An example I noticed that seems to fit this rule was the discovery of penicillin. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered, purely by "chance" (serendipity), that a cultured bacteria sample had been destroyed in the proximity of mold, commonly found on old bread, wheat and corn, that had formed in one of his petri-dishes.

Bacteria tend to form in moist, stagnant conditions. Without a doubt, they fall under the rulership of Neptune. Neptune rules the sign of Pisces, so to find a killer of bacteria we would have to look at the opposing sign, Virgo.

It is fairly common knowledge that Virgo rules wheat and bread. Lucky Fleming (Mercury sextile Jupiter in his chart) might have actually creatively found the cure, rather than fortunately stumbled on it, had he simply started looking at Virgo-ruled products and their by-products, in this case, a by-product of mold, penicillin. (His discovery might also have been aided had he known or applied the knowledge that the ancient Egyptians had the practice of applying a poultice of moldy bread to infected wounds). Anyway, hats off to him: as with poker, knowledge and skill is vital, but luck is king.

Ok, so let's apply this same rule to the Aids virus, HIV. This is a little more complicated at the outset since there doesn't seem to currently be consensus as to what rules the Aids virus.

About half of the references on the internet indicate that it is Uranus (Aquarius), and half seem to think it is Neptune (Pisces). Rulerships are fairly easy to work out, you just have to look at what planet is being activated at the time you come into contact with the creature, object or substance 'by chance'.

We must not confuse natural viruses with computer viruses, which are definitely ruled by Uranus, strange as that may sound to some. When my computer has been infected by a virus in the past, it has always been under an adverse aspect to or from Uranus. This analogy is hardly worth mentioning anyway, since is is widely agreed that Uranus rules technology. The name "computer virus" means nothing, it could equally have been officially called a trojan or similar.

To find what rules natural viruses, we must look at the aspects affecting a person at the moment they contract the virus. This is difficult to do in the case of the common cold, but it may be very easy to do regarding the Aids virus, since some victims may know the exact date and time that they slept with an infected partner. (To this end, please email if you have details about one such case, especially if you can give the exact birth details).

Let's look at the two current options:

1. If Uranus (Aquarius) rules the Aids virus.

Here, we must look at the opposite sign, Leo, for a possible answer. Leo rules the Sun. Therefore, we must look at things ruled by the Sun, generated by the Sun, or by-products of the Sun, for the cure. One of the primary rulerships of the Sun is gold. Gold may well hold the answers to many of our problems with viruses. What is a by-product of the Sun? Well, one thing I can think of is ozone. Sunlight strikes oxygen (O2) molecules in the outer atmosphere, causing the formation of ozone (O3). Tests available on the internet seem to have had some success in this regard. In fact, there are thousands of references. (Funny how our problem with viruses seems to have increased since the ozone layer began to get damaged. Probably not at all founded though.)

Uranus also rules electricity and similar concepts, so we should perhaps also study all things related to the Leo/Aquarius axis for cures. Hence the answer may well be found in things like electric fields, magnetism, microwaves, resonance frequencies and so on.

2. If Neptune (Pisces) rules the Aids virus.

In this case, we must once more look at Virgo (Mercury) for its destruction. The planet Mercury rules the 'heavy metals' (Mercury, Selenium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Zinc etc.) A closer study of these and other Mercury-ruled products might be helpful. As you know, Zinc helps suppress the common cold virus.

A possible point of importance here is that all DNA (including that found in viruses), is made up of 5 elements, namely carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and phosphorous. Phosphates may be a good area to focus on, e.g. selenophosphates etc.

Please reflect on this age-old knowledge if you are interested in this area. If we can definitely find out what rules the aids virus, it may well help us to short-list the products on which to focus. Put your thinking caps on!

My gut feel is that Uranus is its ruler, partly because the cure for the serious problem of infection and bacteria was discovered in the Age of Pisces and we are now firmly becoming entrenched in that of Aquarius, when in all likelihood, the cures to most or all virus ailments will be discovered.
Also, bacteria are relatively "formless" (Neptune), while viruses have a very strange and bizarre shape (trademark of Uranus).

Update December 2005.
We might be getting somewhere. After studying a few bircharts of aids victims I'm becoming convinced that the ruler of the Aids virus is Uranus. A common theme in these charts is an afflicted birthchart with hard progressions and/or transits to Uranus. This would reduce the search down to the area of Uranian-ruled things, such as light, electricity, electrical or magnetic fields, things involving ionization, resonance frequencies or similar concepts. Perhaps creating an electrical field situation (e.g. Tesla coils or other strong fields) that could work in conjunction with chemicals that would somehow shatter the crystalline virus structure, something along those lines.

Update May 2006.
After much wrestling with this approach I've decided to go back to the basics. The 'cure' for bacteria (Neptune-Pisces) was found in the primary symbol of the opposing sign, Virgo. Wheat (therefore bread) is the primary symbol for Virgo. With the aids virus (Uranus-Aquarius), the opposing sign is Leo and the primary symbol is the Sun. Perhaps it is merely that the Sun produces ultra-violet light which is known to destroy the virus, but perhaps there is something else that the Sun produces, an electromagnetic frequency or particle that will perform the same function. Good progress is being made in the field of using gold-based compounds to inhibit the virus replicating.

Update July 2006.

Theory to help suppress the Aids Virus in patients

To come to some form of conclusion, we are going back to even the most basic of basics in astrology: Primary rulerships. Everything on earth is ruled by a planet. In addition, people project qualities of different planets. A person can be, for example, Saturnine. Their behaviour would generally be reserved, thrifty, shrewd, calculating and following traditional and respected paths. A Saturnine person is the complete opposite of a Uranian-dominated person.

Having identified Uranus as the most probable ruler of the aids virus, we can draw some parallels. A primary rulership of Uranus is electricity and light. It is often involved in revolutionary or "social fringe" behaviour. One of the main things Uranus can be involved with is homosexuality. A good example of an Uranian person would be the an eccentric, gay person living life as a creative artist of some sort.

So, from an astrological point of view, using primary rulerships in particular, we can create a theory that will satisfy the criteria.

Simply put, it would be something radical and quite shocking (Uranus). ELECTRICITY would be involved and there would possibly be some quite weird gay connotations. The cure would be found as a by-product of the primary rulership of the opposing sign, Leo, the Sun, or as one of the natural substances ruled by the Sun, for example gold or sunflower oil. In the first instance, other than the warmth, the only by-product we could easily use would be ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT.

Going back to the Neptune/Bacteria/Bread Mold theory, we see that we "placed the penicillin FROM the bread mold INTO the body" to get the cure.

Here, we must look at "placing the Ultraviolet light FROM the Sun INTO the body."

The simplest, rawest solution would therefore be to insert an ultraviolet light bulb into the anus.

How this would work.

Requirements: 10-Watt ultraviolet light bulb measuring approximately 5cm by 8mm, rounded at both ends.
A circular, non-porous electrical wire attached that would double as an extraction cord.
A 9-Volt rechargable battery or other power source.
A leg-strap with Velcro endings.
K-Y jelly.

Directions for Use: Apply jelly and sleep with it inserted at night. All blood in the system ultimately passes through the anus muscles and would be irradiated with UV light. Over a period of a few months this would decrease the virus level to an appreciable extent in the body.

A more effective solution.

10-Watt ultraviolet bulb measuring 1cm by 5mm.
Same 9-Volt battery, thin nickel-titanium insulated wire and leg-strap.
Circuit tester.

A minor operation would be required, via keyhole surgery in a groin, placing the nickel-titanium protected bulb into the atrium of the heart via the inferior vena cava. Blood passing within a few millimetres of the bulb would be irradiated for approximately 0.5 seconds per heartbeat. This would be enough to destroy a number of particles of the virus per each beat. The heart beats approximately 100 000 times per day. The main problem would be to attach it in such a way that it could not be dislodged. The wire would be attached from the groin to the battery strapped onto the thigh.

They are already installing heart pumps this way

An easier Method.

10-Watt ultraviolet bulb measuring 1cm by 4mm.
Hollow nickel-titanium sleeve (stent) approximately 2cm long and 8mm in diameter, rounded and smoothed on the ends.
This sleeve houses and protects both the light bulb and the artery.
Same 9-Volt battery, thin nickel-titanium insulated wire and leg-strap.
Circuit tester.

A small incision is made in the artery and the device is slid in. The wire protrudes through the incision after it has been sewn up and is attached to the battery strapped onto the thigh.

There are some interesting articles on the internet, some people seem to have achieved good results by giving the patient a 'light-sensitive drug', extracting blood from the patient, irradiating it with UV light and then returning it into the body.

Article on Irradiating the blood with UV light

Stuff along those lines maybe, but just do the irradiation inside the body? Who knows, with people looking in the "right area", serendipity might just lend them a helping hand too.

Update October 21, 2006.
One of the fastest growing sectors in the field of biotechnology is the use of implanted stents to introduce slow-release drugs into the body. This convergence technology could be useful in this case. Ideally, a stent covered or married with a gold-based compound could be inserted into one of the main arteries and effectively administer two of the antitheses for the aids virus simultaneously. (pse see articles similar to the use of gold as a medicine)

The Aids virus lives and reproduces predominantly in the blood cells. Surely this is the best place to attack it?

Update November 9, 2006.

Please note that I am totally out of my depth in these areas. The purpose of the following observations is merely to draw attention to some of the ways that other treatments might be enhanced by the simultaneous application of ultraviolet light.

1. In order for a virus to become integrated into the DNA of a cell, the viral protein has to "cut into" the DNA to insert its genes into it. Free oxygen radicals damage the cellular DNA to an extent that makes this process much easier for the virus to achieve.

It is fairly well-known that ultraviolet light generates free-oxygen radicals which actually activate the HIV TAT gene synthesis. In other words, illogically, UV light speeds up the spreading of the virus. This phenomenon is dependent on the PARP-1 (Poly ADP-ribose polymerase-1) protein which activates the NF-kappa B genetic factor and can be inhibited or even totally prevented by the venal administration of nicotinamide. It may be possible to introduce nicotinamide by coating the same stent used for the UV irradiation of the blood.

2. Ultraviolet light can possibly activate the TOLL receptors on dendritic cells, turning them into effective killers of the virus when they enter the lymph nodes.

3. It can also possibly activate EQR-1 in an initial stage aimed at reducing the viral payload before attempting to kill infected cells with other medications.

4. Ultraviolet light might stimulate the expression of CD40 LIGAND in CD4 cells.

5. It might degrade dead virus particles to such an extent that its gp 120/160 proteins can no longer cross-link CD4 molecules.

6. Possibly the biggest benefit could be the associated use of Cimetidine. It is a known fact that HIV synthesis can be blocked in culture-dishes, but clinical tests of this same process have hitherto proven to be ineffectual in human studies.

The difference could well be that the culture-dish samples were (inadvertently) exposed and partially degraded by ultraviolet light occurring in its natural state in the laboratory, as reflected sunlight coming in through the windows. When this test was repeated in human studies, this might have been the missing factor inside the darkness of the body.

"A hundred years ago, if astrology had humbly proposed that the cure for bacterial infection would have something to do with the bread in their lunchboxes, people would have laughed heartily. In a similar way, the basic laws of astrology propose that the cure for aids could have something to do with ultraviolet light (or possibly ozone or gold) and its effects on degrading or destroying the aids virus and/or altering the response of the immune system in a beneficial manner. Everything on Earth has an antithesis, much like kryptonite is to Superman. Signs that square (3-signs away) your sun sign might irritate you, but it is your opposing sign that will often challenge you and sometimes be the one in a position to harm or destroy you."


Update April 22, 2015

An internal light bulb may not be necessary. Up to now I had in mind the idea of placing the bulb inside a protective stent in the artery, similar to a smaller version of a Mercury-vapor UV tube (6.5mm in diameter) available from Edmund Optics.

It is feasible that the same result could be achieved using an ultraviolet light source worn outside the body. The battery (or mains) power cord and UV light casing could be clipped on to a belt and the beam focused down a fiber optic tube extending to the tip within the stent. Within this tiny apparatus, an uneven mirrored surface could cause scattering of the ultraviolet rays to irradiate the blood passing through the stent.

An alteration to the image used earlier illustrates the simplicity and safety of the mechanism:

Duration: 2 weeks? 6 weeks?

The advantages of this method would be less risk to the patient in the event of the bulb breaking, easier to manufacture, the ability to use a more powerful UV light source and no need for a circuit tester.

Update, November, 2018

An easier way to deliver the UV light into the bloodstream would be to project it via a fiber optic tube through a needle inserted in the hand or forearm. 1 to 2 hours per week for 6 weeks should show a significant reduction in the AIDS viral payload. (Later note: Covid-19 could be given a more intense single application for several hours in critical cases.) Blood circulates the body three times a minute. Slower-moving blood corpuscles intering the tip of the needle would be subjected to an intense ultraviolet light beam for a few seconds before passing out through the holes and back into the bloodstream.

Update, February, 2020

It has been proven that far-UVC light (+- 222-253nm) is an effective eradicator of viral and bacterial particles and is currently being used to sanitize public spaces. Whether this would be effective in use against the AIDS virus remains to be seen, but it is likely to work against the Covid-19 virus since it is a RNA virus.

By applying the correct frequency and power level, it might be possible to disable the viral RNA while not overly affecting the DNA in the blood. "RNA by its very structure is inherently weaker than DNA. RNA is made up of ribose units, which have a highly reactive hydroxyl group on C2 that takes part in RNA-mediated enzymatic events. This makes RNA more chemically labile than DNA" ( Therefore insular deactivation of Covid-19 RNA appears to be a possibility.

This treatment could be given to critically ill patients and possibly assist in saving their lives. It might help for all viral infections.


Example of similar UV bulb in production

Ultraviolet Irradiation of Blood (UBI)

"UBI appears to have three broadly different classes of effects on different blood components. In the case of neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells, UBI can activate phagocytosis, increase the secretion of NO and reactive nitrogen species, and convert the DC phenotype from an immunogenic one into a tolerogenic one, thus perhaps lessening the effects of a “cytokine storm”... UBI affects various functions of red blood cells and various different leukocytes as has been proven in various in vitro studies. A common model is stimulator cells in mixed leukocyte cultures; another is helper cells in mitogen- stimulated cultures. UV also reversed cytokine production and blocked cytokine release." -

Apparently 220-222 nm does not harm human tissue

"We have previously shown that 207-nm ultraviolet (UV) light has similar antimicrobial properties as typical germicidal UV light (254 nm), but without inducing mammalian skin damage. The biophysical rationale is based on the limited penetration distance of 207-nm light in biological samples (e.g. stratum corneum) compared with that of 254-nm light. Here we extended our previous studies to 222-nm light and tested the hypothesis that there exists a narrow wavelength window in the far-UVC region, from around 200–222 nm, which is significantly harmful to bacteria, but without damaging cells in tissues." - Columbia University -

"It projects a different type of ultraviolent light called 'far-UV' which can kill viruses, but unlike UV-C cannot damage human eyes or skin. Far-UVC light kills microbes, but is harmless to humans," says Dr Alex Berezow, a microbiologist at the American Council on Science and Health.




Please have a look at some of the work they are doing at the 1000 Hills Community Center


Picture taken in rural Kwazulu-Natal by an unknown photographer

I am currently doing research to find the cure for the 'disease' of ageing. Saturn rules the elderly and ageing. The cure might be found by studying the things ruled by the ruler of the opposing sign, the Moon (Cancer). In particular, the primary symbol of Cancer is the Crab. So I am starting by looking at crab-shell, organs and by-products in particular. I was not surprized to find out that there have been some quite remarkable claims of the use of crab shell for relief and cures of ailments. Study that area deeply.