Dear Adrian

I found your site on Yahoo and must admit that when I read about your 'beak theory', I thought it was a crock - I have been following my own transits for years and never thought that "luck" might be linked to the effects of good transits "releasing their energy into a period of non-resistance" (from bad transits) as you say.
I am sorry, at first I found the term a bit confusing, perhaps you should call it a "cascade" or "spill-over" or something?
I have always tried gambling at times when I had several good transits, but without major success (to date). Most of the "traditional" lucky aspects are very hard to pin-point the day exactly, if they work at all. What made you think of the idea? I checked your program against the dates I can remember (when I had some fairly good wins), and 5 of the 7 were under the shape. 4 of these were on the exact day, the other the day after. I am still finding it hard to believe that a program can actually pick them out. I gamble a lot, so will let you know if some of them work in the future.
I also found your observation for determining the Dow direction to be mostly correct, that is, watching the outer-planet aspects to the Sun after a Jupiter-sun aspect. I am looking for a detailed map of the Dow for the past few months to see whether this holds true for the recent movements, do you know


Todd ...


Hi Adrian, How are you doing? Well, I have good news for you. My friends are winning money using your new system. What I did was, I gave Jessica a print-out. She gambles the most and she knows everyone who is into gambling in the city. Jessica won $500 on Bingo on a one dollar arrow day. A few days later she won $700 on slots on a two dollar arrow day. Well of course, now she is all excited and telling "everyone".


Adrian, thanks for your program. Please keep me up to date on changes and upgrades that you make to your program. Another feature that I love about your new report is that it is compact.

Take care, and thanks again. It looks like you are really on to something with your new program.

yours, Simon



I tried the free version of lucky days software. I liked very much. I think it very accurate. I would like to purchase the FULL version of it. I do not have a credit card but I can send a payable check. Please let me know how much it costs and what address I can send my check to.

Thank you


Saudi Arabia


Hi Adrian,

Almost, everyday now, people want to order the "dollar sign report". I think people are seeing dollar signs. I downloaded the new version and it works better.


Take care.




Hi Adrian: Hey that was pretty kewl, and very appreciated too :).... Disabled my protection software to try but didn't help either....Another day or so I'll clear it all out, and redownload see if that helps... Other than that hope you do get it fixed as I'd purchase it, agrees with dates I had in mind prior as well so think you got something good there :) ... Have a great one... John


Hi Adrian, I became aware of your program about 3 weeks ago. I have looked into astrology somewhat seriously, but not having a knowledgeable person or teacher in my acquaintance got bogged down with the charting and interpretation so I stopped. I did however spend a lot of time in studying astrology in relation to the financial markets. I find stocks pretty slow and boring and so, have spent a good portion of my life on the commodity futures markets. Over all I have lost money using the standard technical indicators. The followers of astrology such as Larry Pesavento, Jim Twentyman, and others were not much help as they were always able to come up with "reasons" why their recommended trades did not work. Interesting that their newsletters seemed to mention trades they made that worked but not recommended in the newsletter. Overall, the newsletters were disappointing. For instance selling Soybeans on the new moon in July works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't. I am quite interested in financial astrology and have studied Gann, Elliot, etc....

At first I thought it was just another "toy", but over the last few days I had a chance to read over your site and work with the program. It is incredible as I look on it in hindsight. I want to do some paper trading with it over the next few months and perhaps re-fund my trading account.




Hi Adrian,

I will, surely, purchase your software, I like the total confidence you display in making your software available for use on a free basis until then. I tend to think there is something to your concept of "Beaks" though I can't explain why it should be so. I, curiously, had a few wins on each of the two "Beaks" that were on my chart this month, so far.. I, usually, like to think of myself as being spiritually aware and open to beliefs in that realm( the realm of the Mind and Spirit-If one can accept the reality of Spirit apart from the operations of one's Mind) but I, generally, only defer to the provable, repeatable, experiences of scientific thinking, demonstation and reliable usefulness. Come to think of it, perhaps this concept that you've developed might also meet those criteria! Well, that aside, I like to ask you what is the essential difference between the software that I now have and the full version that I will have when I purchase it? - Regards, Marjorie

New features and enhancements are planned - AF


Hi Adrian,

I am from Hong Kong and have downloaded your program.
It showed me that Jan 16 2002 was good. So I tried with the horses here and won a couple of hundred dollars. I will tried to check it up with the next Beak.

By the way, just want to inform you that the "resonance of names" worked also on race 7 on Jan 16.

Here is the race card: RACE 7 - 10:30 p.m.
Ratings 78-58 - 1200 Metres
Race Class 2

No Horse Brand No Tr Rider Wt Rtg Draw Gear

1 MERRY-MERRY (V298) PCK G Mosse 132 (78) 4
2 RARE (S153) GL O Doleuze 132 (78) 6 (B)
3 STRONGHEART (T113) JM Y T Cheng 132 (78) 8
4 SUPER-CENTURY (V029) ASC F Coetzee 131 (77) 7 (TT)
5 VICTORY-MARBLE (V275) PFY W C Mawing 131 (77) 2
6 VICTORY-WARRIOR (A338) BKN S K Sit(-3) 129 (75) 11
7 COMME-D'HABITUDE (A107) DO D Whyte 125 (71) 10 (B/TT)
8 PRISTINE (V254) IWA M W Leung(-7) 125 (71) 1 (P/H/TT)
9 DELIGHTFUL-SPECIAL (P147) TPW K C Tsang(-3) 122 (68) 12 (P-/B2)
10 VICTORY-MASTER (A223) DAH D Dunn 122 (68) 9 (B)
11 WINNING-DRAGON (B018) JS R Fradd 120 (66) 5
12 HAPPY-CHAMP (S226) KWL J Egan 116 (62) 3 (B)

There are three horses with the name victory. The result was #5 won, #6 second and #11 third.

It was amazing!


Hi Adrian,

Thanks for taking the time to respond.
The other night I remembered that I had scored a hole-in-one playing golf at the ripe old age of 15. I used a Titleist golf ball, so the company mounted the ball on a desk trophy for me and stamped the ball with the date of the event. The date was Sept. 21, 1968. I put this figure into the Lucky Days program with the appropriate time adjustment(I was living in El Paso, Tx at the time) and, sure enough, the program designated that day as a Lucky day and it was the day after a "beak." That persuades me that there is substantial validity to your method, and I've been looking at days when I have in fact had luck to see if I can find a common denominator. So far the only thing I can see that they have in common are positive aspects to my natal Saturn and Neptune(both of which are essentially in my 2nd house; Saturn is the ruler of my 5th house). As I said, I'll be interested in any insights you might have to offer.




Hi Adrian,

I ran the software for the period I've won some amounts of money (horse races, lotto etc...).

As an astrologer I kept all these data but could not yet find a general rule why I won on the mentioned days in 1991.

Your program seems to give 1 clue, though there must be other things to look for too (perhaps the declinations ? and/or exact midpoints). As you can see below, I only won once on a beak ($$$$$ rating).

On October 16, 1991 I won about 300$ ($$$$$ rating beak)
On October 27, 1991 I won about 160$ (no rating)
On November 4, 1991 I lost about 50$ !!! (though the rating is $$$$$)
On November 16, 1991 I lost about 50$ !! (the same $$$$$ rating)
On November 20, 1991 I lost about 50$ (rating 'good')
On November 23, 1991 I won 25$ (rating 'good')
On November 29, 1991 I won about 210$ (rating 'good')
On December 4, 1991 I won about 200$ (no rating)

So I think you're right that about 60% of the days might work. This is quite interesting !

I would like to register to your program, can I pay by mastercard and how much will it cost ? (according to the program this may cost 50$ before 2004).

I hope you keep up your good work so far !!




Hi Adrian,

I downloaded your program about a month ago. I tried gambling on the $$$$$ day and the day after which was May 27 and 28, 2002.

I am happy to tell you that I won $500.00 on a .05 (nickel) slot machine and played a lot longer on the money that I had spent in those 2 days. I love your program and will continue to use it. I have a couple of questions. Is there a full version with more options and a larger help guide? I am also having trouble figuring the GMT and the difference and would like a full explanation of how to figure this using the program. Is there a time of day type calculation used. Such as (is it better to gamble at 2:00 or 8:00), since I am a novice at this, I would like to have all the help I can get. Thank you for writing this program and spending so much time refining the features. I think you have done a magnificent job.

Thank you for your efforts.



Hey Adrian

$$$ day for me today.

Picked up a 10% JPT at Bloem using my matrix. JPT paid R31 050 giving me a cool R3105!

Thanks for Lucky Days buddy...

Talk soon.


p.s. total cost of six tickets were R237 each set at 10%-the equivalent percentage of full perm would have cost R1 000 [of course my preconditions have to be met]


Dear Adrian, Thanks your response.I had a bet on a football match yesterday and won. (Author's note: this was on the day marked as 'Lucky' following a '$$$$' rating)

I am specialized in Horary (Vedic system) do not need any birth details. I gave up tropical astrology years ago as like Cyril Fagan i found it was no good for prediction.

July and Aug very lucky months for me according your chart.

My birth data is rectified to the second. I am specialised in birth time rectification.

My Horary predictions (not personal: too difficult to prove) are guaranteed * refund of fee if incorrect.

I bet mostly on football and boxing, with great success.

I predicted Lewis v Holyfield DRAW (40/1) the first draw in an International Heavyweight Championship.

Also predicted the exact** number of seats Labour Party would win at the last general election.

Have stopped my website as of no value unless I advertise.

Look forward to corresponding together as I am a retired businessman and spend all my time on astrological research (and betting).

Good luck, Maurice

PS I won US$100 on 4 numbers in Lotto on 2 $ day: 3 June 1998


Hi Adrian

I was pleasantly surprised recently to find out that a big win of mine was on a Lucky Day as indicated by your Lucky Days program.

The program indicated that one of the aspects for me was Sun conj my Jupiter. I play at casinos but also do some sports betting during our football season. I know that if you try to play all day at a casino on a lucky day, you will go broke quickly.

I consider myself one of the worlds greatest experts on casino gambling using Astrology.

On June 8, 2002, I checked my aspects and saw the Sun conj JUP on that day.

I also checked to see when it would be exact. It was exact at 20:54 - 21:18 MDT.

I gamble at casinos in Blackhawk, colorado and in Central City, Co. My favorite casino is Harvey's Casino. I knew that they were having a draw on Saturday, June 8 at 21:00 for a big prize. I was there and they drew my name at 21:00.

I won $20,000.

I checked back on a few prior years and found another lucky day where I won $4000.


Best regards, Lawrence

Please note: I have won occasionally on exact aspects (e.g. 4+ in the Lotto when Jupiter exactly conjuncted my natal Uranus in 2003) but if it was this easy, astrology would be a pure science by now and all astrologers would be very wealthy! Luck seems to depend far more on the interplay of good and bad progressed and transitting aspects at any given time. - AF


> Hello Adrian,

> Been watching tv comedy show tonight by Dave Gorman
> in the form of an astrology experiment. You had
> some free publicity for your luckydays program as
> the result of his lucky day gambling was favourable.
> He made 440 pounds by betting on football goals
> through picking two players who have the same
> birthday as him (and in theory has same luck).

> > Just thought you would be interested to know of
> this. It won't surprise me if more people in the
> next days/weeks want to download your program - hope
> you'll benefit from this.

> > Best wishes,

> > Felicity

Update 2017: Found the final episode of the program! (I saw it for the first time, 14 years after the program was broadcast) bbc-tv-luckydays-test.html


Hi Adrian

I used your lucky days annd indeed what you said was correct. You are lucky when the planets permit you to be. However as i regulary bet on English soccer with about 40% of the time winning. I checked back and 85% of my wins were when I had $s.




P.S. I had a 3$ 'beak' yesterday and won 18 pounds... good start!


Hi, Adrian

I am writing to thank you very much for your Lucky Day's program. I have been trying my luck in lotteries for some time, but never managed to win even the slightest amount. So eventually I gave up, that is until I came across your Lucky Day's program. I thought I will give it a try. As my lucky day approached, I filled in 2 lottery tickets. I really put in my mind into choosing those numbers. Those 2 tickets cost me R40. To my surprise, I found out the next day that I have a 4+, which paid out R1120.

I also tried the Casino. Not much amount mind you. I play the machines from time to time and usually am happy if I do not lose all the money in straight 5 minutes. On my Lucky Day I got the biggest win ever (though still very small) of R240 in one round. I still played a bit, but decided to call it quits after still playing for some time. So at the end I withdraw R250, which gave me a win of R150, as I invested R100 at the beginning.

Thank you very much . I will try again my lucky day.



Hi Adrian, just a note to thank you. I downloaded your program 2 weeks ago and scheduled a family trip to a casino on a "lucky day". I hit a slot jackpot for $1,800, the casino attendant asked me to play the machine one more time to clear it and it hit again for $1,200. Being you were so nice to share this program I figured I should share some of the winnings with the rest of the family that was on the trip. So, thank you from all of us!!! I will be purchasing the full program when it becomes available.
Best wishes,


Hello Adrian,

I have first use your software and play on the 6/49 loto on a $$$ day and lucky day I have play 16 grids on the $$$ day and 8 grids on the lucky day, for a total 4.8 x 3 euro.

I have win 4 numbers with the 8 grids only, and will cover of this loto expense, plus a little extra.

Next time I will play more...

This is quite incredible!!!!!!!




Dear Adrian,

Your program is absolutely incredible! I just wanted to commend you for such a great program. I have used your program Lucky Days for about two months now and I love it. I am not personally into astrology but Ive always been open to different schools of thought. I personally calculate cycles using number sequences and waves .. I guess you could call me a cyclist with a strong belief and years of personal research into the cyclical nature of our universe .. i think the closest thing ive found outside of my personal research would be the string theory.

Like you, I have found my numbers and the cycles they form occur at climatic points in the market (peaks/troughs/market moving news), geologic changes (e.g., Mt. Etna activity, earthquakes, solar flares), as well as political turning points. Ive developed these cyclical parameters from personal observation and analysis. Your personal work, Lucky Days, is much more personal than my work since it focuses on the cycle of individuals as opposed to the bigger picture. It appears to compliment my work and allows me to find my place within the broader cycles that I pinpoint. This has allowed me to posture myself accordingly when trading, dating, traveling, etc. Again, its fabulous, I have reached a new peak of efficiency and strategic planning in all aspects of my life.

I look forward to your next release of Lucky Days and its extended timeframe.

Kindest regards,



Hi Adrian,


..(some questions regarding 1 and 2 degree orbs)..



Hi Adrian,


Up until now I have used your Lucky Days in tandem with their software. I use Lucky Days to pinpoint my luckiest days and then I use magisoft to show me if there are any Chiron or declinational transits that I should take into account.

Works like a charm and I daresay my percentages are up to 75%/80% accuracy and sometimes even more. For instance when I do clients luckydays I use their biorhythms too. Example on 1 March (or thereabouts) on the old Lucky Days I had a $$$$$ day plus I had a triple biorhythmic peak so I made that a six star for myself ;-) and pushed for an investment of R25 000 which I got!

The Chiron declinational factor and biorhythms have pushed my accuracy up from 60% to about 75-80% so obviously I and my clients are thrilled. (I don't reveal all the factors that I use)



Thank you .I just lucked across this program on down loaded the free program .and seen that my husband had a lucky day coming up on April 17th (He is so skeptical and has never won on slot machines) Anyway I talked him into at least trying on this day.He said he thought about the machine he was going to play on all day ,so when He came in from work he said ,"Lets go" He played and played and his money was going down.He was so mad at me.I told him to keep going. All of sudden, he started hitting small payouts and then a little larger and his little bank roll kept building and all of a sudden he hit the 777 and they were lined up just right.Red ,White and Blue. $$JACKPOT$$$ 13181.00. He looked at me and I thought he was going to pass out.He did say "Well,I guess there may be something to this. He spent about $600.00 before he ever hit that much. He still had the money he had built up in the machine which covered that and he was still winning .I just wanted to thank you for sharing this easy to use program.Now ,If I could just find out the exact hour to play.Do you have a program for that?Or know of one?I am not to savy in astrology.Of course we will try it again.



Hi Adrian,

Last week I found your wonderful Lucky Days software. I do believe in Astrology and know a little about it but have been trying to figure out when the best times to go to the casino have been. In the past several months when I have gone to the casino I have not won anything substantial.

After downloading your sofware I found a beak on April 20th with only one $ sign and decided to go play my favorite game of Video Poker to see what would happen. At around 4pm or so I won $200 by hitting a Royal Flush then later at around 6pm I hit a Jackpot of $1,289.00 !!! What a thrill and only on one $ Beak Day

Thank you so so much for developing such a great software that works. I will now only plan my casino trips on my Lucky Beak days. Please advise when the software will be available for purchase and the cost.



Hello Adrian,


Otherwise, on 29th July one of my daughters had a lucky day - according to your program. She found a young kitten and her grandma allowed her to take it to her home. The kids have lots of fun with it these days :) Ellen.

(AF: Reminds me of my sister's lucky day when she found out that her neighbour's Staffie, which had jumped over the fence to be with her Staffie, was also a pedigree... She later sold the 6 pups for a handsome profit!)


Hi Adrian,

I wanted to let you know that last week I had a beak and on the day of it I lost at the races, but I bet again the day after and that day I could hardly lose, culminating in the first ever exotic win for me. I don't play the races much so in my whole life I'd never hit an exacta or a tri, but I boxed 3 horses in an exacta. I watched the race and was peeved that my third horse whom I had bet to place finished out of the money but then I realized that the place horse was the 50-1 shot that was on the back end of one of my exactas with the favorite who won. I got paid 128-1! I also noticed that locally at the time of the win, 10Sag was on the MC. This is one of a few points in my chart that I've identified as "lucky"; it is my JU/pL midpoint.

ciao for now,


AF: Sorry to report this, but on his next lucky day he lost all the profit. Please try and be disciplined and patient! 128 units to 1 can pay for 12 punts of 10 units. That's 12 free punts!


Hi Adrian,

I have just purchased the full version of your software . I want to commend you on this wonderful program. I first downloaded the free version in February of 2002 and checked past winnings.

In 1996 my friend and I went to Las Vegas and he won jackpots in the amounts of $1,500, $2,400, $1,000 and $6,400. We came home with $10,000 in our pockets and had a wonderful time gambling when it seemed we could not lose. Another time in 2001 we went to Vegas and on our last day we almost missed our plane because the machines were paying us so much that we found it hard to break away. We came away with 8,000 profit that trip!

Now this spring, he had 4 $ marks on April 1 and I had 5 $ for April 3 and we won a $23,333. jackpot on the state lottery!

I have checked the software also on times when we have gone to Vegas and lost and found that our charts were not good.

I have noticed that sometimes the winnings occur a couple of days before or after the beaks.

I will never again plan a trip to Vegas without consulting your software.

It would be really helpful if you could develop how to pinpoint the approximate time of the luck as I am not schooled in Astrology. I am a believer of astrology and fate.

Many thanks,


Hi Adrian, I enjoyed your explanation about "Synchronicity". I have been on a personal quest to find out what it really is. I've been interested in Astrology, Numerology, etc. for years. I am a speculator at heart. I've been betting the ponies for 21 years now. I also trade the market. When I downloaded and ran my past chart, it pinpointed two of my most memorable money days. July 4th, 1997, the market was open for a half day. I was just leaving for vacation when there was an anouncement on CNBC of a merger in the defence industry. I had options on one of the companies that made an instant $10,000.

Another lucky day pinpointed was Kentucky Derby Day 2001, when I bet the winner and exacta on-line and then went out of town to go buy two Silky puppies for $750. Later that night, I found out that I had won the Derby, and had the exacta twice. When I got home, I looked at my account, and I had won $754! "Synchronicity"? True story. These two days were pinpointed by your astrology software. Needless to say, I am a believer!




Right on time. A little stock that I own XYBR has done nothing for weeks, right on schedule on my $$ Lucky Day it went from $1.77 to $2.10.



Hi Adrian,

I am most sensitive to the when the moon is in fire signs. I can feel the wellbeing within 2 hours of the moon moving into one. I think that is because my Saturn is at the 29th degree of Virgo so I have to wait for the Moon Saturn transit to expire.

By the way, My 2 biggest hits of all-time were on lucky days. I went back and looked it up. $12,458 on a trifecta at the track (got the whole pool !!) and half of a $19,610 superfecta at the track. I have been betting on the horses mostly my whole life. I also like to bet on American football and college basketball. I don't care much for the casinos. On the $12,000 one the moon was at 27 Aries. I started to pay attention to the lateness in the sign and I can feel that as the moon progresses through the fire sign my feeling of wellbeing increases. Sometimes it seems to carry over for a few hours into the next earth sign.

Air signs provide me with a feeling of wellbeing as well only not as intense. My moon is in Libra. But I don't think that has a lot to do with my wellbeing feelings in either fire or air. I could be wrong but I think it mostly has to do with my double Leoness and air signs being compatible. My natal Highlite is a trine through fire of Sun in my 12th house at 14Leo9' and Jupiter at 14Aries10'Rx in my 9th house. The exactitude of this trine has saved my butt from many predicamants.



I purchased and downloaded the Lucky Days software yesterday and I am looking forward to trying it out. I checked the date of my last Vegas trip and sure enough, the first day I got there I was having a beak day and won about $525.
Unfortunately, that was the only beak day of the trip. Next time I will be able to plan for it. One question....Does your software use the progressions as well as the current transits in the sky ? If so, what progressions ? I might be looking at it wrong but I only see the current transits. Thanks for your time. I am looking forward to several beak days next week and the week after. I will certainly let you know if I win.


Hi Adrian,

I just love your program and have used your program on the free version before actually buying it to see previous big slot wins in Las Vegas, usually when Venus or Sun (2nd house rulers) trined or conjuncted Uranus and another when Jupiter and Venus trined and Saturn and Venus trined. I have seen 2nd house rulers or Venus with Uranus harmonious. Also saw for a friend on a roll when Saturn a second house ruler exactly trined the progressd MC!! Over $250,000 on that one. And nearly a million over several months time.

My question being relatively new at this: I have in the 2ndary progressions coming up several prospects; one is progressed Moon=natal MC at l.19 Aries(Aries Point) soon, the 21st (I use Astrolog), and then progressed Moon=Venus at about May 24. Natally Moon is 7 degrees from the MC in Pisces and natally Venus in Capricorn on 7th cusp sextiles to the degree the Moon - are these valid for the bigger type wins? One aspects the natal MC, the other the pr Venus. Then if I understand it correctly I use your program to see the lucky days - right?

Do I more focus on the exact hit of the progression or of the transits for timing? Do you have an example of this? And have you found that sometimes if natally you have a trine for instance from Mars to Uranus that a daily Mars Uranus square is not always difficult for a win day so it could come sooner??

You can't imagine how happy I was on the day I found your lucky days program!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you...



Hi Adrian, ....(her query) Diane PS. My lucky day of 3/14 - $3000.00 on a slot machine... plan to follow this very closely. Thanks for your time.


Hi Adrian,

A couple items of note. As I mentioned to you, I had a 2$ day on Friday. I made a 2 team parlay on the NCAA basketball with my $40 and won. Made $104. I bet conservatively the rest of the day and lost back $7. The next day however, I lost control. I am aware that I should not have expected the same kind of luck but could not stop myself!

On Thursday I had a Mercury Saturn opposition. On Friday morning I felt that it had released, and I felt and witnessed the beauty of your astrological system. Hopefully, the lessons of hope and self control I learned will stick with me.



(Usually one win per beak shape! A good policy is, when you've had a win, take ten percent of that amount and try and win with that. If you lose the ten percent, quit. -AF)


Your program has helped me out often over the past few years.




I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your program.

William (user since April 2002)


Note from the author: You must follow your progressed Moon aspects if you know your birth time! Here is an example of some good wins I had when my progressed Moon was conjunct Uranus.

On Saturday, July 4th, 1992 I put R50 on the place accumulator just for fun. It was the day of our biggest race event, the July Handicap. Over the next week, I won over R30 000, which paid for a vacation in 5 countries in Europe! (our currency was stronger then) I also had good progressed MC and planets at the time. That was fun, a month's vacation in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Paros Island in Greece, and Rome for two people for about $10.

I had an anticipated winning around June 2006) when my progressed Moon was trine Neptune in my 5th. I bet R200 on the Place Accumulator and won R7200. A few hours later I won another R1200 at roulette. Ten days later on my next lucky day I won R5800 for R288. Below is an image showing my transits for that period.

Venus had released by 1.5 degrees from a square to Uranus (VEsUR) below the line for the first win and by about 2 degrees from a square to Pluto for the second win. I seem to get good luck when Venus either forms good aspects or releases from bad aspects, e.g. my (e.g. first Royal Flush and my second Royal Flush at Texas Hold'Em Poker novice.

Later Update: My best Lotto win so far (4+bonus) was when I had Jupiter exactly conjunct my Uranus in 2003 at the time of the draw, but I have been winning fairly often on good progressed Moon aspects, for example yesterday, November 10, 2010, when I got 4 numbers correct on a single R20 ($3) ticket that I took. (proof)

Please note that the progressed Moon and progressed Planet reports are free features of the program if you download and install it.


Hi Adrian,

I wanted to send you a note to say "Thank You". Without knowing, I purchased a scratch-off and won $250.00 on one of my "Lucky Days". Your system, did something amazing. I have been unemployed and still looking for a job in my career for almost two (2) years. I am really only surviving - now. I will soon lose everything, home, car - if I did not have bad luck - I would not have any.

Last Friday, instead of eating, I chose to buy a scratch-off. Sounds stupid, but I did it and got to eat, too. Paid a few monthly bills. Wow, came home and re-visited the "Lucky Days" that I had found on the internet. Boy, was I shocked and indeed surprised.

Thank you again. I will use my chart and hopefully, one day I can purchase your system.

Take care, peace and light...


Glad you got lucky Bev, I've also had similar "bottom of the barrel" luck in the past, but please note, I do not recommend that anyone should gamble with their last bit of money. Personally, I would rather have a teaspoon of hope than a loaf of bread, but I do not recommend this approach or attitude to anyone. The program is often fallible. Rather buy the food. -AF


Dear Adrian,

Being in Saratoga County in Upstate NY where there are both Saratoga Raceway and the Racino, I'm hoping to find a good report that I can promote and offer to my clients.. I currently have both ACS Lucky Times and Matrix Winning Times based on Joyce Wehrman's work. I've sat with her at conferences years ago and discussed her system as well as attended her lectures, etc. However, I haven't seen these programs work that well.

In comparison, I will say that since I've had your program for approximately a week, I've emailed your report to two people. One received a large HD TV as a gift from his son on his lucky day and the other went to the Racino and bet $10. She won $120 on her lucky day. Then, I went back to 10/30 when another client won $2,700 on a pick three. It was the first day of her four-day Good Period.




Mr Adrian,

I have purchased your report on lucky love and I see no way on how to get at the program. In the past I purchased your Lucky Days program and it works beautifully. Please give me info. on how to get the lucky love program.

Thank you,

A. D

(Thanks. The StarLove program can be downloaded from


Hi Adrian,

It's me again - Craig from the Seychelles . How's life mate?

Bought the software sometimes back - a couple or three years ago. Man the software has done wonders it really works! It's true that at times even if I have 4 or 5 $ it doesn't pay out but I must say that 75% of the time it works! Thanks for a wonderful software man!


> your program works

> vrosgos


..(question about wartime daylight-saving setting)...

I have won money!! So I could probably leave it as I have it but would really like to get the most out of the software. Do you sell a book that would explain it more?


I have a few friends I am going to give your web address to so they can get their own. First time I won $800.00 $$$$ second time won $2000.00 $$$$ third time won $1000.00 $$ so cannot complain.

I have tried several softwares for this purpose and yours is by far the best. The prior one I bought the lady who sold it actually arranged to meet me because some of the questions I asked were so detailed.

But at this point I am too old and too tired to go that route any more. Just want to make sure all the correct boxes are checked. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Suellen and David

Regarding the settings on the program. Since the planets move very slowly the program is very fogiving. Many people run it successfully without knowing the time of their birth. Just put your details in as best you can and your birth and current locations as accurately as possible. The reports will be about as accurate as they could be, even if your birth information was perfect.


Hi Adrian.

Thank you for your help.

I was able to run the program, and I keeping say that is amazing because I have a small business and 70% of good days I used get extra money.

Best regards from Algarve



Hi Adrian, I bought your Lucky Days software three months ago. I have been gambling for twenty years and studying astrology for ten. I have never spent a dime in any gambling system or astrology method before, but after checking the "Free Lucky Day report" in your website I was convinced and I used a portion of the earnings to buy a registration key.

I have to say that my biggest passion is betting the horses, but I haven't found a way to exploit the Lucky Day consistently yet. I mean, every time I have gone to the casino to play blackjack on a Lucky Day I have ended the session a big winner in less than fifteen minutes. However, when betting the horses on a Lucky Day, I still haven't seen consistent results. At first I was greedy, and I played the Pick-6 only hoping this would be the jackpot (as you know, you're expected to lose if you play after a jackpot, so when the jackpot happened I wanted it to be huge).

Since that didn't work I changed to playing a big win bet on a relatively low-odds horse (5/2 - 7/2 range). This has worked better, but from my small sample so far, I had to lose one or two of those bets before finally winning, so the overall profit has not been very significant. Very different from the sense of invincibility I have experienced at the blackjack table for 10-15 minutes as soon as I sit down.

I know Horses are your favorite game too, so this note is to politely ask if you had any pointers on how to bet on the horses on a Lucky Day: What bets to focus on, etc.

And thanks for your great product. Please let me know if there's a new version in the works.



This is probably just a normal cycle. I personally have found it easier to win money on the horses than the casino but have not (yet) won a substantial Pick 6. My strategy is to put about 90% of my money on the Place Accumulator where a general level of skill is required over 7 legs, rather than investing most of the outlay on more risky bets like the Pick 6, which is very unforgiving. The best tip still seems to be to look very closely at PREVIOUS betting of horses, especially when they were backed when they had not shown form. This shows you that the connections know that the horse is capable. Also, try to be contrarian and bet against the public. Look for legs that might cause upsets, like when the favorites are up in class or are drawn wide, and then include a few horses that are upset material, for e.g. a previously formed or backed horse that is running its 2nd run after a rest. - AF



Adrian, thanks for writing me back! I understand what happened regarding the cusps. As for the casinos, maybe just push it/advertise more under astrology but keep the same program/new name! lol...

I LOVE it just for keeping easy track of my transits. Thanks, and all the best!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to any and all updates you do!


Professor S, Rockefeller University, New York
(user since 2006)


Hi Adrian

>> That is very interesting material that you have. I do believe that
>> there is some truth in Astrology. Have you looked at dates when
>> important discoveries have happened pertaining to a particular subject
>> (e.g. the exact date when Alexander flemming discovered Penecillin, and
>> what planets were configured to enable that to be possible and in which
>> era this occured), is there a pattern that follows these discoveries
>> acording to astrology? How would one go about analysing these discoveries?

>> I think that your theory sounds quite feasible, in that ultraviolet
>> light or gold, silver compounds can be used to combat the AIDS virus.
>> The only thing that i need to warn you on, is that it would be much
>> better to insert a gold stent into the anal canal, rather than irradiate
>> with ultaviolet light, UV light may sensitise the mucosa of the anal
>> canal and could give rise to anal cancers or could cause inflammation of
>> the anus (proctitis). The gold therapy (if it did work), would be much
>> better. I think that it is a very good idea, and should be taken forward.

Best wishes,

Professor T, University of Cambridge, UK
(user since 2007)

(This was in response to a question I raised regarding


It is your Lucky Days program OF TRANSITS that has made me succesful at betting sports. Not just the beak thing but all the other transit nuances that I have expensively learned over the last 4 years. Since my major breakthrough of deciding to bet only one game on a day that is indicated as it should be lucky, which was last March, I am about $1300 ahead. That is only betting at about $80 a game. My overall luck has not been good with Saturn in Leo until Sept and still it is in my first house. This and what seems as an unusual # of negative transits makes my betting all the more impressive. I have done it, Adrian. As time moves on I will be increasing my bet amounts. I still dream that one day you and I can write a book about Lucky Days philosophy and even give lectures on the concept.

(user since 2002) Bless you, Frank


Hi Ter,

Thanks for purchasing the program and nice to get an email from an enthusiast like yourself. Here are my initial answers to your questions.

1. What are the rules governing what goes above and below the dateline in terms of positive and negative? I didn't see the specific rules on your web site. I am especially referring to the fact that sometimes conjunctions are sometimes positive and sometimes negative.

These evolved mainly in version 1 from checking mainly my own wins against my own transits. With version 2 I checked a whole lot more people and adjusted things slightly. The upgrade averaged-out the orbs to best fit the most wins for everybody (a few dozen people). What has arisen since then is that conjunctions with Pluto are horrible and should be below the line, whether they prevent wins or not! Also, planets aspecting themselves are only half as powerful as when aspecting others. Regarding the conjunctions, they are those with Saturn that are blocked, especially with the faster moving planets in the birthchart. Finally, a planet forming bad aspects to itself (transit to natal, e.g. Mars opposite Mars) does not prevent wins. Version 2.2 is mainly a cosmetic update with some very small tweaks here and there.

If you are checking past results against your transits, perhaps consider a theory I am observing/testing on the "reverse beak" (same concept, but backwards in time) when looking for win correlations. For some people it works that way, I do not know why.

What has also come out is that good aspects to the Node, (as well as the MC and Ascendant) give wins reasonably often, i.e. woth following by astrologers.

2. It's interesting you only use the Ptolemaic aspects. Is this because you have not found the minor ones to have any effect?

My friend swears by noviles. She also follows aspects in the daily chart as they contact her birthchart, but so far nothing really stunning has caught my interest. Inconjuncts are lousy though, generally negative times involving making a hard decision. I do not believe it is possible to win every day you play just by following the daily chart. You may have hot and cold periods but you need transits or progressed aspects to have a good day.

3. You mention in the program under Advanced Users that you need some feedback on the releases from transits by Mercury, Venus and Mars. Have you made any conclusions yet?

No, I am so far happy with these orbs, sometimes they go off a bit earlier, if they vary, they seem to vary on the shorter side of the orb.

4. What does the Include Lucky Days Bias under Settings consist of?

This turns, for example, the transit orb from Venus to Saturn from 2.5 degrees to 1 degree if you uncheck it. All orbs are made one degree. The orbs are given in the program help.


> > Hi Adrian, >

> I just hit my biggest payout to date. I won $877.50 plus a free play in the > New York Take5 game on 3/13/09......(1 above, 0 below) !!!! This win hit > directly on my first lucky day with one dollar sign displayed!!!! I also won > $50.00 on a Jumbo Bucks scratch ticket on 4/3/09 which was the first day of > my three day window.......(3 above, 1 below) !!!! Holy Cow!!!! I was really > stunned at the accuracy of your incredible software!!!! Your some kind of > GENIUS!!!! I play only during my three day window and save my betting money > the rest of the month.

> I have version 2.1 and would like to upgrade to 2.2. How do I go about > upgrading????

> Stupendous software!!!!

> Thanks a million.......well, not quite yet.....but thanks to you I'll get > there soon!!!!

> -Paul

April 14, 2009: I've just upgraded the software to include progressions and a graphic report. You can install it from the download page.


> > Hi Ado, >

On Monday I had a sequence in numbers in my head, so I took the lotto. I had a $$$$$ day on Wednesday. Four of the numbers were in yesterday's lotto. 9,12,13, 18 - I took 2 lines with these sequences and won R286 for each line. 1 line with 9, 38, 18 - R34. Not the jackpot, but the highest I have ever scored. So thought I would share this with you.


(Louise is my sister)


Author's note: Although I didn't have any good transits two days ago, I decided to take a couple of small tickets just in case my progressed Moon trining Pluto in my 3rd paid. It did. I took a single R20 ticket and got 4 numbers correct. (proof)


Hi Adrian,

It's been a while. Hope you are well and in the dough. A couple weeks ago I had just about busted out on my sports gambling account. Went through about $400. I had $10 left. That is the minimum that you can bet. So basically just to be completely busted out I bet a $10 parlay. It pays 13 to 5. I won $ 26. A couple days later on a 5$$$$$ day I bet the $36 on another 2 team parlay and won. Now I had a total of $130. A couple days later there was another 5$$$$$ day so I bet the whole $130 on another 2 team parlay and won again !!! for a total of $468. Can you believe that ? (email shortened) (...)



H Adrian,

Its been impressive result so far. I started using your software in Dec last year and has been experiencing luck on each and every 'Beak' and 'Fair' day. I recorded a 10 out of 10 wins end result in the past 10 "beak" days. However, I've been conservative and careful so far, that is, stop after winning a targetted conservative amount like around SGD 1-2k.

My question is, does it make a difference if I had placed bigger bets ? My belief is that luck has its value, correct me if I'm wrong. If my luck is $2000 in value that day, you cannot win $2100 ! What's your view ?

I'm contemplating betting higher, targeting wins of $5K - $8k each time instead of the usual $2K since past result is favourable. What would you say for a result like mine ? Does my conservative target contribute to the winnings ? Below is my record (roulette),

2012 Dec 7th ($1200), 12th ($1600)

2013 Jan 9th ($2800), 27th ($900), 29th ($1600)

Mar 5th ($1000), 6th ($1500), 7th ($1200), 22nd ($2300)

Best regards,



Hi Andrew,
Thanks for the feedback, I must say your result is above average so far, normally a person will not get such a good run without a few drops here and there. I did look at your progressions and noted that you've had Venus sextile Mercury for 2011 and 2012. Because it doesn't show for 2013 doesn't mean it isn't still in operation, it just means that by the time you reach your birthtime 6:50pm of the 24hour day relating to 2013 the aspect will not be within one degree of exact. So, what I think is happening is that that aspect is still in operation for these first few months of 2013 and that is the reason why youhave been getting such good results.
I do believe your observation about the amounts won being relevant to your luck for this time, but I'm not sure about that, other than to say on the day of my best win ever I still lost a big Pick 6 very unfortunately. I had 6 horses going live into the last leg and the Pick 6 was already paying a minimum of R34000 on the favorite. My horses came 2nd to 7th! I was very disappointed, but still won the P/A 20 times which paid me R25000. So, I think that is an example of how it might work, even the amount paid is fairly well controlled by the birthchart promise, the progressions and the transits at the time. Best regards, Adrian   (For interest, Andrew won on ten lucky days in a row ($16 000), birth details: Feb 13, 1967, 6:50pm, 103E48)


Dear Adrian,

Needless to say, my wife and I like to gamble and have suffered greatly with a lack of wins so far this year.

While pondering a solution to our mounting gambling losses, my subconscious must have linked the possibility of using astrology to find lucky days to gamble, which is the exact phrase I used to Google.

I think your program was near the top of the list and I downloaded it to investigate. I must admit that at first I was skeptical and wondered if it was a con but I liked your candid admissions of gambling losses and desire to find a way to better your odds of winning.

I began by reviewing our past wins and losses and looking in your program for corresponding dates and surprisingly there were several.

I then found your offer for the free 3 month reading and decided to try that but noticed that the time of day was not available. From my investigations with using your program with past data, I saw that the $ signs shifted a little with the am, pm and evening designations.

To give your program a fair shake we decided to purchase it yesterday and since my chart showed a $$$ for the pm and evening we went to our local slots.

Long story short, I won roughly $1100. and my wife won $600, (even though she just had dots for yesterday in her chart).

Don't know if was your program for sure, mate but for the first time in a very long time we came home ahead and had an evening of fun and an enjoyable ride home as well.



Hello Adrian

I've been using the Lucky Days software for a few years now. I love it, I think it's great. I'd say with tracking my own gambling for many years, even in retro, the days are about 80% accurate.

I like to play Texas Hold'em tournys and ring games. Also like 3, 4 card poker and casinos in general.

I have always seen myself as luckier than others. And it seems to be at certain times of the year. I swear, around my birthday, gambling is a sure thing. I've won thousands of dollars over the years on my birthday, before it and after it a few days.

But last year, was the first year I got stone cold blanked. I lost on everything. But in tracking with your software, I see where that may have been applicable.

So I track my winning/losing days. I also pre-check my gambling days, and post check the days. So I'm around 80% in tune with "luckier days" than others. (email truncated)



Hi Adrian, last Sunday , jan 12, I was incredibly lucky and won several big slot machine jackpots.

When I checked your lucky days website, sure enough it was one of three lucky days for the month of jan. Your website is amazing! Thanks. Grace

A few months later:

Hi Adrian,last night June 11, which acc to your report was a very lucky day for me w/ 5/$$$$$, it was truly a lucky day. I went to the casino and won 3 jackpots- $12,500, $5000, and $1250. So Adrian, you are really pretty good at this. Thank you. Grace


Hi Adrian,

As we know the Beak is based on 48 hours and if we can't find luck on Beak day then it's on following day, Lucky day, which I've encountered a number of times. However, in such cases, our profit margin is greatly lowered due to the loss on the first day.

I'm wondering if we could just always go for the second day, the Lucky day, so to avoid this !

If in any case, the Beak day is really the day, we can still reap gains on the second day since the "Flash Light" has yet to be discharged !

What do you think ?


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the good thinking on this, I wish it was a rule that held true in most cases as it would greatly improve the success rate. But I've been watching this for many years now and it really is just about a 48-hour window, perhaps even a bit more, where it can discharge a lucky event. Even a couple of Saturdays ago I had proof of this myself, I won a $227 tournament for a $5 entry on 888 poker against 167 players. Although I played another tournament the same time for $7 but lost just before the final table, I could feel the luck there as well. I normally only get 4 of a kind about once a month at poker, but on that day I got 4 of a kind 3 times!

I knew I had good transits that day but only an hour after the tournament did I have a look at the win in my sofware and saw that it was a $$$$$ day.

So, the next day (the "Lucky") day, I played about $20 entering several tournaments during the day and evening, and was dismally unlucky. Getting drawn out time and time again on the final card, the river. There was absolutely no luck.

Also, my friend the WSOP poker player contacted me last week telling me how unlucky he had been on a "Fair" day, exactly two days after a $$$$$ day and a day after the "Lucky" day. For some reason he had not played the $$$$$ day and perhaps hoped to cash in a couple of days later and get the luck then. It really does not seem to be that way to me, there is often a flash point time somewhere in the two days after a final bad influence gives up, and we have to be around at that point to try and catch it, it is not something that we can store up and use a bit later. But I will continue to keep watching it for signs of reducing the window period. The one thing I think is true is that the more there is good on the top, the faster it releases when a final small aspect ends. For example, I've noticed that a bad Mercury transit can release even at half a degree if there are several good aspects on the top driving over it.

Thanks again, hope we can solve this puzzle one day!



Jonti Jan 4 (2 days ago) to me

Adrian, I f******* love your program!!!!

From: Adrian Fourie [] Sent: Friday, January 5, 2018 8:57 AM to Jonti Hi Jonti, Thanks for the kind words! The hidden gift is the insight into people's lives, it enriches and empowers you beyond belief. Looking directly at the engine, hidden (protected) information, not given to the masses. best wishes, Adrian


Re: Lucky days program From James *** Add contact Date Fri 16:16 <- <<- -> [] Good morning Adrian: Glad I was able to help. Over the years I have learned that there’s always some problem that pops in this hard & software age, but with patience can be fixed sometimes. I wish you continued luck with your program, and I WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE. Best regards, Jim


(2018 Note: I stopped adding testimonials ages ago, ones like the above come in often, thanks, Adrian)



3000 dollars on the Lucky day after $$$$$ day, Do you have this for Android app?

So glad I made this purchase!


Joe Raley

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Sorry, not yet available for Android or iPhone, but I can give mobile phone users their own custom html report page to run whenever they want.



Note April 2019: I haven't updated this page for ages but have received some new theories which I'm testing and so far they seem to work. They involve the daily chart times and need accurate birth times. If they work well I'll hopefully build them in to a future version of the software, but for now can report that I'm often getting feedback from users who are winning using the recommended days. Here's my friend Richard, who I sms'd last Friday and said, 'btw, it's your lucky day'. He'd just come back from the casino and said he'd left in the small hours with a profit of R500, so went back again that same evening and won R7500. He went again on the 9th to accompany some friends who were going for an outing, and lost R2000 of the R7500 profit. You'll see why he lost in the image below. I told him the lucky day on the 11th didn't look that great, but he tried it and won another R500. I've told him to cool it now until May 1.


Hi Adrian,

Wow, you are good at what you do!

On your chart you had a $$$$$ for yesterday July 22, and sure enough I hit $18,000 on the $25 top dollar slot machine!

I do have a question... for this coming Sunday July 28, you also have $$$$$. If I decide to go the night before on July 27, can that be as lucky as well? Is there an actual window of luck on the July 28 lucky day? Yesterday's hit was @ 7:30 pm.

Many many thanks


I replied to Grace saying that on the evening of the 27th the square between Venus and Neptune (VEsNE) below the date line might have let up sufficiently to release the luck, but she should just test it and not spend too much.

    Grace emailed me yesterday saying she had won $45,000 on the slots on the 28th. Updated image above.


February 04 2020

Hi Adrian,

Liam Here. I was talking to you around Christmas thanking you for your amazing program. On December 21st, I won €2,450 [ odds of 200/1 !! ]thanks to your program. Thanks a million ... again. And this was on a VeJu day!

Now, I realise that the VeJu and VeSu days are - for me - the very, very important days. In December 2019, there were only 2 VeJu days in the whole month .. December 17th and 21st. No coincidence I won on December 21st!!

Just want to know .. do the lucky days/cycle also apply to Roulette or Casinos ? I am seriously considering going on a holiday to Vegas in March or April during one of my 4-6 day VeSu or SuVe cycles.

Kindest Regards,


(I responded to Liam saying I had a user who won on 12 lucky days in a row at roulette, making a total profit of $180,000 HK. He was the man who sent me a gold wishing tree to thank me - but I must admit this was an exceptional and unusually good run, especially at roulette)


February 06 2020 The Venus transits certainly are the big winning days!

Over Christmas, I did a review of 3 yrs of wins from November 2016 - November 2019.

In this time, exactly 90% of all my wins were on Venus transits!! That's very significant. Now, I only focus on Venus days.

Thanks Adrian for your genius of a program.

You should get a medal for this program.

You have helped me a lot in the last 3 years.




Grace won again last Sunday.


Well Adrian, you did it again! On the lucky days chart you provided me it listed August 12, 2021 as a $$$$$. And holy moly I hit a variety of jackpots totaling @ $50,000 plus. And I don’t know how to thank you.

As for my slot machine hobby, it never fails that I’ll lose @ 4 or 5 trips then suddenly I’ll win more than my total losses in one night! You really are my lucky charm!

When you come out to California YOU MUST VISIT ME TO HAVE SOME FUN! Actually you had August 4 as a $$$$$ day and I won some money, @ $6K. But August 12th was my big night!

Take care and thank you again 1000X!

Grace ( your biggest fan!)


Another good day for Grace, November 5, 2022. 6 Jackpots in Vegas in one day.


Hey Adrian,

I just wanted to let you know that I can tell a difference in the last few times I have played on my lucky days. The last two lucky days I won $1700 the first time and my lucky day yesterday I won around $4k! I was on fire.

When you told me it was geared more toward casinos or horse racing, rather than lottery tickets, I started trying to do some casino trips on my lucky days. Only problem is lucky days are through the week and it is hard for me to get to a casino (closest ones are little over an hour from me), since I work through the day.

I kept hoping yesterday I would hit something bigger because I was doing so well. I was playing slots and hit for over a 1000 numerous times. It was only a 3 star day so maybe my luck needs to be little higher?



(Oct 31, 2023)