Purchase the Lucky Days software

The software is installed as a setup.exe file (2.6Mb) and produces Lucky Day and other reports on Windows computers from 1920 up to the current year.

To run reports up to the year 2050, an Unlock code needs to be entered into the program.

You will receive a your first Unlock code when you sign up and are added to the member database. As a member, you can log in to the luckydays.tv website and obtain another unlock code anytime again in the future to unlock the software, for example, if you format your hard drive or get a new computer one day.

You may also use your Unlock code to unlock the software on a second computer that you may own.


Purchase the Lucky Days software
(Life membership - $79)


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Highly Trusted and Secure Payment Processing



Purchase with Bitcoin

Please get the current Bitcoin price for the software
(you save the $9 Clickbank commission = $70)

Pay to BTC address: 13vEmskUNJuChB2Aa2vtXc7ZG41PbxUMF8

Please email me when you have completed the transaction to receive your unlock code and the membership page link.

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